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Development of Education and Environment Project (DEEP) came in existence in the year 1998 by a Group of Committed Workers but it has registered in the year 1994-1995. Those have a year of working experience with Agragamme, Kashipur, dist. Rayagada and Agragamme Project office Thakurmunda of Mayurbhanj district . Our action area Thakurmunda and Gopabandhu Nagar Blocks of Mayurnhanj district and Anandapur Block of Keonjhar district of Orissa. The first chosen because of the over-whelming poverty of its indigenous population and the rapid degradation of its natural resource based. Where the tribals were depending on roots and tubers for survival during the lean period. The Team took up the challenges and started their intervention by the support local tribal youths and committed to help the people find on way out of their inisery and suffering.

Since then Development of Education and Environment Project (DEEP) has been working in the tribal areas of Orissa. Development of Education and Environment Project (DEEP) has been trying to involve people in development process and make them a participant rather than beneficiary. So all the program me of DEEP are community based and participatory. DEEP wants to ensure sustainable livelihood securities for the under privileged and marginalized poor.

Thakurmunda not only of the most interior block of Mayurbhanj district but also one of the interior blocks of Orissa state. Total Geographical area of the block is 1196.07sq.kms as per 2001 census there were 189 Villages consisting of 19268 house hold in the block. The Total population of the block was 1, 06,694 out of which ST population Constituted 72 %( 76,820) and SC population was 14 %( 14,937). Though the district is rich in Natural Resources (Forest, Wild Annumal, Minerals etc) the people are poor and Vulnerable and marginalization process has been Optimum. Landless, Land Alienation, Indebtedness, low productivity in the Agriculture due to shifting cultivation and Land degradation, dependency on Forest produces; Poor health and Education status, Migration and constant threat of displacement, environmental pollution, poor market systems etc are some of the major issues in the locality.

Lack of awareness over their political/constitutional rights has resulted in due to not accessing the Government Schemes and increasing fear for Government Officials. Over exploitation of natural resources in the region has also intensified the marginalization of the tribal. Development of Education and Environment Project (DEEP) had mobilized the community, Formed Groups of Women, male and youths and tried to build up their involvement of the community for rights based empowerment and justice.

Geographical Feature of the area as well as denudation of natural resource is prominent factors responsible for low living standard of people. The main livelihood source revolves around agriculture. The main agro-crops are paddy. In the area people are practicing age-old practice of agriculture. This gives very low yield. Even people having acres of land are suffering from food insecurity, indebtedness. Role of Civil society organization in development process is also not very active in the district due to lack of proper skill and poor access to information. Major agriculture problems in the region are shortage of Lab our, Chemical agriculture leading to farmers in reducing due to nuclear family system and hence, from limited land how get higher production is the major challenges.

The Legal Status
Development of Education and Environment Project (DEEP) is presently having the following legal status. The Organization is registered under: – Society Registration Act xxi of 1860 vide Rgd. No. MBJ-4512-115 of the year 1994-1995 on dated 29.07.0994. The registration authority was sub-registrar of society Baripada, Mayurbhanj.

The objectives of Development of Education and Environment Project (DEEP) are generally to promote throughout India all aspects of rural development and in particular to adopt an integrated approach to help the backward and poor communities in mobilizing for self Sustaining development Organization and to build up an institutional base for training of rural youths as well as young educated Professionals.

And in furtherance of the above objectives
To attempt total human development and Social Changes in a rural areas through the formation of local level Organizations.

  • To bring awareness  among a target group of ST,SC,Small and Marginal farmers, the landless and bonded laborers’ for self reliance and social Justice.
  • To develop the economic conditions of the target groups by suitable utilization of existing skill and resources.
  • To emphasize on relevant actions for development of Women and Children belonging to the unprivileged group.
  • To become self supporting in areas of agriculture, animal husbandry and processing on Non-profit and Non-loss basis.
  • To establish a training base for the grass root functionaries from the target group as well as the young educated professionals. The training would cover education, agriculture, Health, Skill improvement and income generating activities.
  • To execute programmes on water resource development, watershed conservation and water harvesting structures, Joint forest management, Formation and Promotion of self help groups, Land development, Avenue and Backyard Plantation and renovation of developed forest etc.
  • To undertake research studies relevant to the target group with the aim of searching alternative development strategies.

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